Jun Shan Yin Zhen


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Honored as the king of Yellow teas and one of China’s Ten Famous Tea. Jun Shan Yin Zhen was an Imperial Tribute tea, and is also well-known as Chairman’s Mao favorite tea. The manufacturing process of Yellow tea is similar to Green Tea. The flavour however is augmented with an additional step translated as “sealing yellow”. The tea is quickly sun dried to stop any enzyme activity that may cause oxidation, and prior to firing, the tea is lightly steamed and blanketed with a cloth, allowing the tea to absorb its own essence.


Jun Shan, An Hui Province


Thick, needle-shape tea buds. Yellow tea leaves stand vertically during the steeping process like stalagmites in the cup, creating a beautiful visual presentation. The infusion is pale golden.


Delicate aroma with a hint of floral notes. The taste is smooth, light and sweet at first sip but finishes with a fleeting smoky taste. This smokiness is only apparent in the first infusion, adding character to the tea and makes the sweetness stands out even more.

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