Green Snail Spring


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One of China’s Ten Famous Teas. This tea has an interesting name, Bi Luo Chun translates to Green Snail Spring, due to the shape of its processed tightly rolled spiral shaped tea leaf, resembles tiny shell of a snail. Bi Luo Chun is a pan-fried tea unique to the Jiangsu Province, it is simple to brew, and the refreshing clean taste makes it a very popular Green tea. Only the tender tips of the leaves are picked, bud and leaves are hand rolled into spiral snails, a labor intensive process but the end result is a wonderfully fresh, smooth and aromatic tea.


Jiangsu Province


The leaves are covered with white down and rolled in spiral shape. The infusion is light green in colour.


Delicately sweet and highly refreshing. The aroma is of sweet fresh jasmine fragrance. Take care not to over brew this tea as it is very sensitive to brewing parameters.

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